Tips for First Time Hunters Going Hunting for Big Game

Hunting is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and with good reason. As lifelong hunters can attest, there is nothing more thrilling than bagging a deer after weeks of preparation and careful planning. Not everyone going hunting for big game is a seasoned pro, though, which is why this article focuses on tips for those just getting into hunting and looking to up their game.

Maximize Time in the Field

The only way to bag an impressive deer is to get out in the field and find one. Plan to spend as much time as possible out on the land observing the animals’ habits and finding out what areas they frequent before hunting season even starts. Once the season has gotten underway, try to prioritize the hunt; after all, nobody ever shot his first deer while sitting in his living room watching sports.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Not everyone grew up with a gun in his hands. Those who are new to hunting are likely new to firearms as well, so be sure to take plenty of time to get familiar with it. Going out target shooting before the hunting season starts can certainly do a world of good.

Those that are already adept with a hunting rifle may want to consider whether it’s worth taking some time to familiarize themselves with bow hunting as well. The season for bow hunting starts earlier than the normal hunting season, which can give those willing to put in the extra work to learn how to use a new weapon a serious advantage.

Consider Using Supplements

Those not in the know may not realize that part of the reason experienced hunters are able to bag such impressive animals is that they know what to do to encourage antler growth in adult males. Supplements can make a huge difference for those hunting on their own land, as they encourage a healthier herd, and also encourage deer to stick around through hunting season and beyond.

Learn About Field Stripping

Practicing shooting and knowing how to find deer is extremely important, but so is knowing what to do once that first animal goes down. Try to get some practice at field stripping with more experienced hunters if it’s a new skill. Most seasoned pros are enthusiastic about teaching novice hunters the ropes.